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NEW ==> The May and June 2014 WGTA Cabinet Meeting Minutes

The May and June 2014 WGTA Cabinet Meeting Minutes are now online. Please click here to read the latest news from the WGTA.


NEW ==> Summer 2014 Member Benefits E-Newsletter

I am proud to present to you the Summer 2014 issue of our quarterly Member Benefits E-Direct electronic newsletter. I hope that you will find the content useful and ask that you pass this publication along to as many of your NYSUT contacts and members as possible.

Each issue of this electronic publication is put together with great thought and effort as we strive to ensure that we offer helpful hints and tips to our members -- an added benefit of NYSUT membership provided at no cost to NYSUT members. We want all NYSUT members to know that membership in NYSUT provides access to a variety of Member Benefits-endorsed programs & services available exclusively to them and their families.

Please click the link below to view this e-newsletter. The publication includes embedded links that will allow you to learn more about our various endorsed programs & services.

One of our goals at NYSUT Member Benefits is to reach the maximum number of members, and we have seen that we are most successful with that goal when people like you share our materials with colleagues and friends. We continue to increase the number of members who are aware of the endorsed programs & services that we offer but still have great potential for growth in this area.

We are also pleased that the number of members who participate in our endorsed programs & services continues to grow each year; with your help in forwarding this email and e-newsletter link to your membership, we are confident that this growth will continue in the future as well.

Thank you for your continued support of NYSUT Member Benefits!

Warm regards,

Lynette A. Metz
Director, NYSUT Member Benefits Trust
CEO, NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation


SU Football Tickets

The following message was sent to WGTA President John Mannion.



I am Dan Bartlett with the Ticket Sales Department here at Syracuse University. I began this position in August of 2013 and had little time before the football & basketball season were upon me. One of my main goals when I started was to show my appreciation for the teachers in the area. My sister teaches at Solvay Elementary and we came up with this idea to offer a discount to all teachers in the Syracuse area! With all the hard work that our teachers put in I wanted to give them the greatest discount I could and offer it for three games!

That is exactly what I did and am expanding upon that initiative this year! What I would like is for your office to review the link at the bottom of this email (those are the steps for your faculty and staff to follow in order to purchase) If you believe that this is something you’d like your faculty & staff to take advantage of please email blast the instructions out to them. I ask that you CC me or BCC me so I can keep track of the schools involved.

The offer is for ALL employees of the WGTA - retired, aides, assistants, etc. Any and all employees past or present can take advantage of this offer :)

Basketball is on its way. Once I have the schedule finalized my director and I will go through it and find 2-3 games that make the most sense for the offer!!

Here are the savings on tickets through this offer!

Villanova Prices
$20 – Upper Sideline – These tickets are normally $40 per ticket
$18 – 1st/2nd Level Endzone – These tickets are normally $35 per ticket
$13 – 3rd Level Corner – These tickets are normally $25 per ticket
$10 – Youth tickets

Duke Pricing
$25 – Upper Sideline – These tickets are normally $45 per ticket
$23 – 1st/2nd Level Endzone – These tickets are normally $40 per ticket
$18 – 3rd Level Corner – These tickets are normally $30 per ticket
$10 – Youth tickets

Florida State Prices
$30 – Upper Sideline – These tickets are normally $50 per ticket
$28– 1st/2nd Level Endzone – These tickets are normally $45 per ticket
$23 – 3rd Level Corner – These tickets are normally $40 per ticket
$10 – Youth tickets

Thank you very much!!

How To Purchase Tickets

Copy and paste this hyperlink into your browser -- https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/syracuse/EN/link/promotion/home/dd1b0b09accc58b961737caf31aab0e4bc2db343

From there select any of the games and enter the promo code “SUTEACHERS14

From there you can click any DARK BLUE section and grab the number of seats you would like. You can either select an adult ticket or a youth ticket

The cheapest adult tickets will be in the upper level corners, followed by Endzone seating, and then sideline seats. Once you have all the seats you would like you click add to cart and then proceed to payment.

Please note that anyone who is above the age of 13 years old will not be able to enter the Dome using a Youth ticket. Please make sure your order is correct upon checking out.

Once you are all set with seats and payment your tickets will be sent to your email so you can print them right at home!

Any issues at all please email Dan Bartlett with Syracuse Athletics at drbartle@syr.edu


The May / June 2014 MemberShip

The May / June Membership is now online. For the latest news from the WGTA, please click here.


NEW ==> Teachers to shred Pearson contract in protest against privatization
from NYSUT.com, August 8, 2014

ALBANY, N.Y. August 8, 2014 - Union leaders from across the state will shred a contract Monday in a grassroots protest aimed at giant testing company Pearson and others who are trying to privatize — and profit from - public education.

The protest by leaders of New York State United Teachers will be held Monday, August 11, on the steps of the State Education Department, 89 Washington Ave., Albany, from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. During the protest, teachers will feed the symbolic Pearson contract into paper shredders. The protest - which will be joined by New York State AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento and United University Professions President Fred Kowal, among others - is part of NYSUT’s three-day endorsement conference, where local union presidents will weigh the voting records and make recommendations on candidates for state and federal office.

NYSUT President Karen E. Magee said the “Public Education, Not Private Profits” protest is designed to call attention to the wealthy elite who are trying to privatize public education and profit from New York students, while taking away the rights of teachers and working people.

To read the rest of the story please click here.


Blue Cross/Blue Shield Website

Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield website - programs explained, find a doctor or hospital, coupons, prizes and more. This website information was also added to our LINKS section..


Active and Retired Teachers
Take Action, Join Mac (Member Action Center).
They even have an App for that!




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