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NEW ==> The January and February 2015 WGTA Cabinet Meeting Minutes

The January and February 2015 WGTA Cabinet Meeting Minutes are now online. Please click here to read the latest news from the WGTA.

NEW ==> The "Basics of Medicare"
By Lynn Davis

In March 2014 I "hit" one of those milestone years, I turned age 65. One of the things almost everyone faces in their 65th year is Medicare. Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older. Medicare is NOT OPTIONAL! Medicare IS CONFUSING!

Once you reach age 65, even if you still have some district paid WG Health Insurance, you will be faced with a dizzying array of Medicare and other health care options and decisions. Some types of coverage are very inexpensive but do not provide you much protection, other types of coverage may result in a person paying WAY too much for the coverage they are getting.

Several of us "old timers" got together and researched the basics of Medicare and I have put our findings in an article titled "The Basics of Medicare." It's an eye-opening article that everyone should read. I wish I had known this information when my parents turned 65, I could have helped them with the decisions they had to make. If you are close to age 65, or OLDER than age 65, you should definitely read it. We have discovered that a number of current retirees, over the age of 65, are paying almost twice the amount they could be paying for comparable coverage. Please click here to read the "The Basics of Medicare" article.

A special thanks to the following people that helped in the preparation of this article: John Mannion, Dave Smithson, Ray Fuller, Mike Cost, Carl Weed and Marsha Tunison.

NEW ==> #OneThingWGTA
From John Mannion

The budget hearings and negotiations are approaching the 11th hour. You widespread outpouring of support has been fantastic. The fear is that Governor Cuomo and members of the New York State Legislature will refuse to listen. You can still help fight back against the so-called education reform agenda by doing one of two things.

1. Call your elected officials and/or the Governor's Office and tell them that holding schools hostage by tying funding to legislation and continuing their test and punish policy is bad for students. Go to mac.nysut.org or use your MAC app to find your elected officials' information.

2. Attend the Roberts Elementary Forum, Thursday at 7pm. See the attached document for more details.



The March / April 2015 MemberShip

The March / April Membership is now online. For the latest news from the WGTA, please click here.

District / WGTA Letter to Governor Cuomo
From the District / WGTA

We, the Board of Education of the West Genesee Central School District, Dr. Christopher Brown, Superintendent of Schools, and the West Genesee Teachers' Association are proud of our long-standing history of academic excellence. Our well-rounded curriculum is enriched by a strong music and art program, athletics, and many college classes.

We strongly disagree with the educational reforms presented by Governor Cuomo in his recent State of the State address. To read the entire article please click here.

Education Reform: Fact and Fiction
By WGTA President John Mannion

Is Andrew Cuomo telling you the truth? He is not an education reformer, he is an opportunist. The amazing thing about this opportunity is that he created it himself. In an effort to accommodate his charter school and hedge fund manager campaign contributors, the Governor has crafted a scenario that gives the appearance of failure in your child’s school. He has indiscriminately told 600K dedicated professionals, you are a failure. A New York State Teaching Certificate and a Regents Diploma from a New York accredited school were once considered a benchmark, held in high regard in other areas of the country. State education departments aspired to obtain the reputation that New York State had and in most ways, still does.

Before the Post-Standard’s Editorial Board gives Governor Cuomo’s education agenda two thumbs up, there are a few facts that should have been clarified. To read the rest of this story please click here.

Keep up to date by reading John's Blog at http://www.mannionforwgta.com.

If you want to receive alerts on your cell phone from NYSUT, text the word NYSUT to cell number 38470.

Active and Retired Teachers
Take Action, Join Mac (Member Action Center).
They even have an App for that!


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If you want to receive alerts on your cell phone from NYSUT, text the word NYSUT to cell number 38470.

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