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Please consider joining us for WGTA Night at the Syracuse Chiefs on Thursday, July 13th. Two complementary tickets and a free chiefs hat will we provided to the first 50 WGTA Members that arrive (100 tickets total). It is DOLLAR night so you can save a few bucks on food and beverages as well. Game time is 6:30pm, tickets will be distributed starting at 5:30 in the parking lot down the right field line. Look for the WGTA banner!

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WGTA Members,

Thank you to all of you that attended the WGTA General Membership Meeting yesterday. For those of you that did not or could not attend,  there are two important items that were mentioned that I want everyone to be aware of.

1.    The Sick Bank Leave provision of the new contract is now different. In the future, to be able to access the Sick Leave Bank, members must:

Agree to donate 2 days by completing the SLB form and returning it to your building secretary by October 1st. The form can be downloaded below. Once a member, up to 90 days can be accessed from the bank after exhausting all of your accumulated sick days, petitioning the Sick Leave Bank Committee and providing medical documentation.

Yesterday, the WGTA received enrollment forms from over half of our membership, helping us to reach our goal of 100% enrollment.

WGTA members help staff the NYSUT Booth at the NYS Fair and photos of a 2016 WGTA Cabinet Meeting.

From the WGTA President

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2.     WGTA Members that do not carry West Genesee-Excellus Health Insurance are now eligible to receive a $1,000/year "buy back". The form to receive this payment is in your Open Enrollment Packet which has a salmon colored cover sheet. This form must be returned to the District Office, prior to September 19th.

I hope that you consider taking advantage of both of these opportunities. Please email me with any questions, .

John Mannion
Science Teacher 
President, West Genesee Teachers' Association

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