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NEW ==> SU Football Tickets

The following message was sent to WGTA President John Mannion.



I am Dan Bartlett with the Ticket Sales Department here at Syracuse University. I began this position in August of 2013 and had little time before the football & basketball season were upon me. One of my main goals when I started was to show my appreciation for the teachers in the area. My sister teaches at Solvay Elementary and we came up with this idea to offer a discount to all teachers in the Syracuse area! With all the hard work that our teachers put in I wanted to give them the greatest discount I could and offer it for three games!

That is exactly what I did and am expanding upon that initiative this year! What I would like is for your office to review the link at the bottom of this email (those are the steps for your faculty and staff to follow in order to purchase) If you believe that this is something you’d like your faculty & staff to take advantage of please email blast the instructions out to them. I ask that you CC me or BCC me so I can keep track of the schools involved.

The offer is for ALL employees of the WGTA - retired, aides, assistants, etc. Any and all employees past or present can take advantage of this offer :)

Basketball is on its way. Once I have the schedule finalized my director and I will go through it and find 2-3 games that make the most sense for the offer!!

Here are the savings on tickets through this offer!

Villanova Prices
$20 – Upper Sideline – These tickets are normally $40 per ticket
$18 – 1st/2nd Level Endzone – These tickets are normally $35 per ticket
$13 – 3rd Level Corner – These tickets are normally $25 per ticket
$10 – Youth tickets

Duke Pricing
$25 – Upper Sideline – These tickets are normally $45 per ticket
$23 – 1st/2nd Level Endzone – These tickets are normally $40 per ticket
$18 – 3rd Level Corner – These tickets are normally $30 per ticket
$10 – Youth tickets

Florida State Prices
$30 – Upper Sideline – These tickets are normally $50 per ticket
$28– 1st/2nd Level Endzone – These tickets are normally $45 per ticket
$23 – 3rd Level Corner – These tickets are normally $40 per ticket
$10 – Youth tickets

Thank you very much!!

How To Purchase Tickets

Copy and paste this hyperlink into your browser -- https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/syracuse/EN/link/promotion/home/dd1b0b09accc58b961737caf31aab0e4bc2db343

From there select any of the games and enter the promo code “SUTEACHERS14

From there you can click any DARK BLUE section and grab the number of seats you would like. You can either select an adult ticket or a youth ticket

The cheapest adult tickets will be in the upper level corners, followed by Endzone seating, and then sideline seats. Once you have all the seats you would like you click add to cart and then proceed to payment.

Please note that anyone who is above the age of 13 years old will not be able to enter the Dome using a Youth ticket. Please make sure your order is correct upon checking out.

Once you are all set with seats and payment your tickets will be sent to your email so you can print them right at home!

Any issues at all please email Dan Bartlett with Syracuse Athletics at drbartle@syr.edu


NEW ==> The May / June 2014 MemberShip

The May / June Membership is now online. For the latest news from the WGTA, please click here.


NEW ==> The April 2014 WGTA Cabinet Meeting Minutes

The April 2014 WGTA Cabinet Meeting Minutes are now online. Please click here to read the latest news from the WGTA.


Support the Spencerport Teacher's Association's Petition
From: John Mannion and NYSUT

More than 60 teachers at Spencerport’s Cosgrove Middle School signed a petition calling for action by the NYS Commissioner of Education John King, Chancellor Meryl Tisch, and Governor Andrew Cuomo. The petition takes issue specifically with this year’s ELA and Math tests for grades 3-8 characterizing the tests as “poorly written, developmentally inappropriate, deliberately confusing, and ambiguous.” Additionally, the tests required students to complete tasks with insufficient time.

In response, the SED made a point of calling out the Spencerport teachers and criticizing them for the petition. In choosing to needlessly fire back at the Spencerport teachers, SED just continued its baseless, wrong-headed defense of the indefensible tests!

Doesn't the State Education Department have better things to do than picking fights with local teachers?

Let's make sure that Commissioner King knows the Spencerport teachers are not alone and that we stand with them! Let him know that we will not stand for his disregard for local educators any more than we will stand for these flawed, developmentally inappropriate and poorly written tests!

Take action now to sign the Spencerport Teacher's Association's petition calling on Commissioner King to release the state Common Core tests to educators and the public for scrutiny! Please click here to sign the petition.


Are You Mad Enough?

Are You Mad Enough to:
-Educate Yourself, family and friends
-Register and Vote
-Donate to Vote Cope
Take Action Now! : https://mac.nysut.org/


Don’t Be a Baby….Make a Call NOW!

Legislators Need Push From Public to Fund Schools:

As Legislative leaders met with Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resolve the state budget, some legislators continue to make their fervent wishes known. Five Democrats have written to leadership and Gov. Cuomo urging them to include more funding for education in the final pact — especially for struggling upstate rural and small city school districts.



shove it

Common Core Delay in Budget? Gov Needs a Shove:

A delay in the implementation of the Common Core standards is being discussed for the final budget agreement. Lawmakers said changes to the standards will be dealt with in the state budget, due Monday, in order to pre-empt the coming round of testing set for next month.

The Democratic-led Assembly previously approved a two-year delay in implementing aspects of Common Core when it comes to teacher evaluations and student assessment.
But Governor Cuomo insists that he does not want any changes to the Common Core standards to impact the teacher evaluation law approved last year.


Fight The Governors Bad Budget with Your Phone:
Only 2 business days to demand action from Governor Cuomo on fair funding for public education.
Call the Governor’s office at 518-474-8390. You can leave a message 24/7.
Tell him to:
-End the GEA
-Restore Funding to Public Schools
-Stop funneling $ to Charter Schools
I called did you?


Teachers Deserve Fair Evaluations:

According to NYSUT President Richard Iannuzzi, teachers deserve much better than "gotcha" evaluations based on discredited and invalid measures of student performance. Until the Regents and state education department fully get it right and can ensure that student assessments and teacher evaluations are accurate and fair measures of what happens in the classroom, New York must honor the intent of the teacher evaluation law and delay high-stakes consequences. For students and teachers, New York must make it right before making it count.




Tell Lawmakers Their Bad Budget Leaves Kids in the Cold


Coming Soon:
Free Showing of the movie “Inequality for All” May 1st at 7:00 pm, Palace Theater, Syracuse, NY
A documentary by Robert Reich on income inequality and our shrinking middle class and how this has affected America’s economy and democracy.


NYSUT Launches Ad Blitz on Governor's and Senate's Bad Budget
from NYSUT.com, March 21, 2014

ALBANY, N.Y. March 21, 2014 - New York State United Teachers today launched a $1.5 million ad blitz to oppose a tax freeze plan that would put added pressure on school districts to cut programs, and blasted the Senate for favoring wealthy benefactors of private, non-public and charter schools over public schoolchildren.

The statewide radio and television ad campaign is aimed at the Senate and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who are backing what NYSUT called a "devastating plan that squanders hundreds of millions of dollars for tax breaks for the wealthy while denying students the programs and services they need." The campaign calls for a greater investment in public education and hits the Senate for supporting new money for corporate charters and its Education Investment Tax Credit plan that gives away expensive new tax breaks to wealthy New Yorkers who donate to private, non-public and charter schools. NYSUT said tax credits would siphon off hundreds of millions of dollars in desperately needed revenue that should be used to help public schools, which serve the vast majority of the state's students and have been decimated by cuts.

To read the rest of the story please click here.


APPR Information

APPR Suggestions for Evidence, compiled by MACS Teachers and Administrators. This website information was also added to our LINKS section.


Blue Cross/Blue Shield Website

Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield website - programs explained, find a doctor or hospital, coupons, prizes and more. This website information was also added to our LINKS section..


Active and Retired Teachers
Take Action, Join Mac (Member Action Center).
They even have an App for that!




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