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Education Reform: Fact and Fiction
By WGTA President John Mannion 

Is Andrew Cuomo telling you the truth? He is not an education reformer, he is an opportunist. The amazing thing about this opportunity is that he created it himself. In an effort to accommodate his charter school and hedge fund manager campaign contributors, the Governor has crafted a scenario that gives the appearance of failure in your child’s school. He has indiscriminately told 600K dedicated professionals, you are a failure. A New York State Teaching Certificate and a Regents Diploma from a New York accredited school were once considered a benchmark, held in high regard in other areas of the country. State education departments aspired to obtain the reputation that New York State had and in most ways, still does. 

Before the Post-Standard’s Editorial Board gives Governor Cuomo’s education agenda two thumbs up, there are a few facts that should have been clarified. To read the rest of this story please click here.

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By WGTA President John Mannion 

Here’s two actions that you can take to help call attention to the injustice of the Common Core. 

#1):  The New York State Education Department wants to hear what teachers and parents would like to see in teacher evaluation standards.

The department has begun taking public comment on the topic, according to Sen. Thomas O'Mara, R-Big Flats. "The new state budget charges the state education commissioner and the Board of Regents with ultimately determining changes -- but not without undertaking a full public comment period that will allow every stakeholder (teachers, students, administrators, parents, and every other concerned citizen) who wants to provide input to provide as much input as he or she desires," O'Mara wrote on his website.

PLEASE share your feelings with NYSED. The email address to send your comments to is: eval2015@nysed.gov.

(#2) Cuomo needs to know that he is on the wrong side of national politics. One way is to get national Presidential candidates talking in opposition to the Common Core. PLEASE - Contact your favorite Presidential Candidate(s) and express your displeasure with the Common Core.

To contact Hillary Clinton visit her website at: http://hillaryclintonoffice.com

To contact Marco Rubio visit his U.S. Senate website at: http://www.rubio.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact

You can Google the other candidates to find their email contact information.

WGTA / District Letter to Governor Cuomo
From the WGTA/District

We, the Board of Education of the West Genesee Central School District, Dr. Christopher Brown, Superintendent of Schools, and the West Genesee Teachers' Association are proud of our long-standing history of academic excellence. Our well-rounded curriculum is enriched by a strong music and art program, athletics, and many college classes.

We strongly disagree with the educational reforms presented by Governor Cuomo in his recent State of the State address. To read the entire article please the button below.

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