WGTA Local 3106

WGTA Officers for 2016-2017 are:
John Mannion - President
Mary Weaver - Vice President
Mike Perkins - Vice President Grievances
Mary Gotham - Treasurer
Jeanine Stables - Secretary

A new contract was ratified beginning with the 2016-2017 school year. The vote passed 366-0! Some of the highlights of the new contract include:
*  Salary increases of 3.8% (2016-2017), 4.0% (2017-2018), 4.1% (2018-2019), 4.24% (2019-2020)
*  A new Sick Leave Bank that provides for greater protection regarding members' HIPAA Rights.
*  An extension of Retiree Health Insurance Coverage for up to 10 years.
*  A $1,000 Health Insurance waiver reimbursement.

An arbitrator found in favor of the WGTA in their grievance regarding Child Rearing Leave. The WGTA argued that employees returning from Child Rearing Leave were NOT required to work 90 days, in the year of their Leave to move up a step on the salary scale. As a result, several members that once took Child Rearing Leaves, back to 1995, were advanced a step on the salary scale and received some reimbursement in the form of retroactive pay. 

Annually WGTA Members come together to celebrate at THE DINNER OF 100. The first 100 WGTA Members and their guests enjoy complementary drinks and dinner at Coleman's Authentic Irish Pub. Door prizes are given out and it is a great time to laugh and tell stories of the past school year as we enter summer break!

WGTA Dinner of 100 at Coleman's Authentic Irish Pub.

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