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The U.S. Government Site for Medicare includes information on signing up, changing plans, costs, what Medicare covers, drug coverage, supplements, forms, help and resources.

The Social Security Administration. This site is the place to go for information on benefits and who qualifies for them. You can find out how much you have paid into Social Security and estimate your future benefits. You'll also find useful guidelines on frequently asked questions - such as how to replace you social security card. There's also a useful page of links to other government sites, including the IRS.

SeniorLaw is another of those home-made sites that presents some serious information with a light hand. New York based lawyer David Goldfarb, 50, puts the site together to make general information about Elder Law available to seniors, their families and attorneys. You'll find information on Medicare, Medicaid, estate planning, trusts and the rights of the elderly and disabled. The site also has a list of Elder Law attorneys who have web pages in other states. This is a friendly, family site. If you want a moment away from the serious stuff, check out what Goldfarb's son is up to.

RxList - the internet drug index. Information on over 4,500 popular drugs written in plain English, Taber's Medical Encyclopedia, and RXLaughs.

PBS site devoted to retirement, centered around the movie "The Land of Our Second Chance."

New York State Teachers' Retirement System

New York State Office for the Aging. A public service to older New Yorkers, their families and others. Find help, explore aging, discover news and events, help family care givers, link to more resources.

The Motley Fool - One of the most popular online investment sites. David Gardner and his brother Tom, started this web site in 1993; it now features a news center, a database of information about individual stocks, and for those less sure of themselves, an investors school. The site has Real Audio webcasts, so you can listen to the Gardners chatting away about the market as you surf around. There's is a lot here to learn about investing and it's done with some flair.

Kelly Blue Book - car buying guide.

The Alliance for Retired Americans (AFL-CIO) - a strong, new voice for retired workers and their families. The Alliance is not a senior citizen's social club and it is not an organization formed to sell you things. It is a way for retired union members and others to make their voices heard. More than 2.5 million people are members already. Retired, dues paying AFT members are already paid-in-full members of the Alliance.

Administration on Aging promotes the well-being of older individuals by providing services and programs designed to help them live independently in their homes and communities. The Act also empowers the federal government to distribute funds to the states for supportive services for individuals over the age of 60.

The AARP is the nation's leading organization for people age 50 and older. It serves their needs and interests through information and education, advocacy, and community services.

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